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Who is Xtra Pair of Hands? 

Xtra Pair of Hands is a full-service staffing agency

We provide staffing for residential, corporate, and government contracts.  We understand the apprehension of bringing someone new into your home, the daunting task of finding that perfect Personal Assistant, or the frustration of landing that government contract without the manpower to fulfill it – let us be your Xtra Pair of Hands!

Why work with Xtra Pair Of Hands?

Xtra Pair of Hands has the uncommon advantage of being managed by veterans of the industry 

We save you time and peace of mind by being involved in all aspects of the staffing process:

  • sourcing
  • coordinating
  • negotiating
  • packaging and placing candidates

Our team of former domestic professionals, degreed HR managers, and our credentials for government contracting gives us the distinctive ability to find your perfect hire.  We listen to your needs, make recommendations, and make the process work efficiently for you.  Our company has assisted hundreds of families and businesses in securing experienced, creative, and talented professionals.

What makes Xtra Pair of Hands unique?

Xtra Pair of Hands provides 100% quality service, 100% of the time

Discretion and professionalism is the cornerstone of our company. We are founded on creating a personalized experience for each of our client’s unique needs.  This means that you will simply not be handed a stack of resumes from which to choose, but you can rest assure that each specific candidate has been thoroughly scrutinized.  Our rigorous recruitment process reflects the high standards of our agency.


  • Celebrities
  • Entertainers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Hotels
  • Professional Athletes
  • Residential Households
  • Professional Athletes
  • Single Parents 

find the perfect hire

       Whether it’s staffing your private home or finding the perfect staff for your business,
we take our clients’ staffing needs seriously.
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