Nannies are employed by parents to provide customized and personalized childcare for children in their home. The main role of a nanny is to provide a safe, caring, nurturing and stimulating environment in which the children thrive and develop. One on one care that can meet the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social needs of the children. Nannies oversee organizing and coordinating the children’s activities, preparing their meals and keeping their rooms and play areas clean. Nannies typical responsibilities include undertaking most all tasks related to the children’s care.


Executive housekeepers oversee running the housekeeping team, which may include hiring, supervising and training. The Executive housekeeper on occasion assist the other housekeeping team, manage vendors, and manage home organizational projects.


The duties of individual domestic housekeepers vary widely. Some housekeepers have complete responsibility and authority to plan and carry out many household duties. Others are given very specific duties and are closely supervised. The main duties are laundry, cleaning of the home including floors, windows, and furniture. Other responsibilities include stocking household supplies and purchasing groceries along with cooking, making beds, changing linens, ironing, and polishing silver. Additional services that may be required are answering the telephone, receiving visitors, and exercising pets.


Household managers keep the day-to-day operations of a home running smoothly. They are the planners, coordinators, and helpers for today’s busy families. The Household Manager orchestrates the responsibilities of other household staff as well as the needs of the family itself, arranging appointments for personal and professional needs. Schedules home maintenance, repair work, and supervises the project. They handle household bills, administrative duties, running errands and performing necessary tasks. A household manager takes the worry out of planning events and managing schedules. Additional duties may include shopping for food, supplies and other requested items.


Estate managers are the top-level executive position in a large household or complex of properties that employ a wide array of staff. They are responsible for working directly with the owner to plan and execute the overall plan for management of the property and other employees. They will then communicate those plans to the specialized staff. They will usually oversee the staff on all levels, including recruitment and hiring, performance reviews and termination if necessary. Estate Managers should be familiar with all the positions filled at the estate and be aware of the job specifications of each one. The job duties will vary based on the property owner and the type of property but will always require someone with strong people skills and great attention to detail. If multiple properties are involved, travel will be required to supervise all locations. Flexibility is required, as the Estate manager must be on call to handle potential emergencies at all locations at any hour. Estate managers should have an understanding of their employee’s business holdings and be able to represent the image they seek to present.


A butler typically oversees the household staff usually of one residence. Understands concepts like being anticipatory, friendly not familiar, privacy and confidentiality, invisible and available. Answers residence phone receives guests at the door and supervises the reception of visitors. Assists with staff training and organizes the duties and schedule of domestic staff. May assist or be charged with keeping the household budgets and inventory supplies. May schedule and oversee vendors of contracted services. May assist with household and family security measures. Oversees family packing and travel preparations. Understands social etiquette and formal service. Assists with planning and organizing parties and events in the home. Oversees and participates in proper table settings and entertainment prep. Serves meals and drinks and performs wait services related thereto. Knowledgeable about wines and spirits and oversees the wine cellar and liqueur inventory. May also serve as personal valet to the household and/or gentleman of the house. Performs light housekeeping duties. Coordinates with other staff as needed as well as with other parts of the employer’s organization. Like all positions, the family’s service needs and property size will dictate the duties and level of formality for the butler.


A personal chef’s responsibilities include meal planning, shopping for ingredients, cooking, and cleaning up after the meals are made. They will customize a meal plan according to the client’s dietary needs and preferences. There are also some chefs that specialize in certain types of cooking, such as paleo, vegetarian, or raw food diets.


Chauffeurs are responsible for driving passengers to and from their homes, recreational pursuits, and workplaces, usually in a luxury vehicle. They are also required to help their passengers to get in and out of the car, run errands, and carry luggage. Chauffeurs are expected to be mannerly and courteous in all driving and non-driving situations while on the job. 


Personal Assistants known as PA’s act as a first point of contact: dealing with correspondence, phone calls, managing diaries, organizing meetings and appointments, often controlling access to the principal. Most PA’s are required to book and arrange travel, transport and accommodations. Part of their role may include organizing events and conferences. The PA may also cover home or personal life maintenance tasks, such as ensuring methods of technology are up to date, researching for recommendations, the hiring of staff, and vendors.


Domestic couples have a unique place in the world of Personal Service, providing all that is needed to run a fine home. Couples work together as a team to assure the smooth running of the household. Couples work in primary residences, secondary (vacation) residences or both. Traditionally the responsibilities are delineated by male and female roles. The male duties include all exterior maintenance of property, handyman duties, gardening, and the heavier housekeeping that may be required inside the home. The female duties include inside maintenance of the residence. This would entail the duties of a housekeeper, including laundry, changing linens, running errands, keeping food and supplies stocked, and cooking.


A baby nurse (also known as a Newborn Care Specialist) is a newborn care expert who is educated, trained and highly skilled in all areas of infant care and parental education. They extend their service during the post-delivery stage before starting the baby’s regular eat, sleep and wake schedule. Baby nurses help parents take care of their newborn babies. These professionals perform duties such as offering advice, offering breastfeeding counseling, bathing babies, ensuring safety, and making sure the baby is dressed comfortably.



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Housekeepers are part of the housekeeping team that is an operational department in a hotel, which is responsible for cleanliness, maintenance, aesthetic upkeep of rooms, public area, back area and surroundings.


Laundry Attendants are responsible for providing a constant supply of clean linens for the entire hotel. Laundry attendants also may be responsible for cleaning guests’ personal items if the hotel offers a cleaning service.


Banquet servers are roaming non-standard waiters and waitresses. Banquet servers set up for events, carry trays, serve guests, and clean up at the event’s conclusion.


Hotel cooks are responsible for training and managing the kitchen personnel and supervising and coordinating all related culinary activities. The hotel cook must estimate food consumption and requirements or purchase food and select and develop recipes.


Groundmen are responsible for the landscaping of a building or business such as a resort, golf course or racing track. The groundman maintains the quality of every spot on the land outside the buildings. Among these duties are waste management and garbage collection


The Night auditor is responsible for balancing the revenue and expense transactions, which occurred during the day at the hotel. They typically handle both the duties of the front desk agent and some of the duties of the accounting department.


A hotel front desk clerk represents the first point of contact with guests and handles all stages of a guest’s stay. A typical day as a hotel front desk agent, involves registering/booking guests in and out of their rooms, while accommodating any special requests.


Hotel room service cashiers answer phones, record food orders and process payments. They are responsible for promoting and suggesting menu items to hotel guests. Typically, these orders are charged to a guest’s room; however, customers may choose to pay using cash or credit cards.


The bellman’s responsibilities include assisting guests with luggage, meeting and greeting guests upon arrival and departure, aid to front desk staff and to concierge, as well as providing lobby doors coverage.


The front desk manager provides a professional and friendly service for guests. Dealing with guests. Managing, training and arranging schedule of front office staff.  Acting as liaison between General Manager and staff.


Hotel security officers help protect guests and their valuables, as well as  fellow hotel employees. Typically, hotel security guards do not carry firearms, although there might be weapons on the premises they can access if required


Hospitality valet parking attendants responsibilities are to assist and retrieve guest’s vehicles.  The primary objective is welcoming guests, give a fond farewell, assisting with guest’s luggage, providing directions and any other guest related assistance.