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We are a staffing and business consulting company that provides administrative and HR services which allow entrepreneurs and small businesses to focus on their daily business needs while we handle the mundane tasks to help you succeed.


Our Accounting Services offer much more than just accounting. We walk you through proper allocation of your expenses, enter all your day to day expenses, and answer all your accounting inquiries, along with so much more!

Payroll Services

We care about you and your employees, which is why we make sure to cover all aspects of payroll. From processing payroll to end of year W2 filing. We cover all corners so that you and your employees are happy.

Human Resources

With our HR department we help you create an environment that is encouraging and worry free. We make employee handbooks, assist with in house issues & questions, we make sure your company is in compliances with state and federal laws, and help onboard new employees but it doesn’t stop there.

Forms Processing &
All Business Documents

Our Main goal is to help you focus more on growing and enjoying your business while we take care of the paperwork and all business-related documents. Something as small as responding to mail and emails to sorting and filing all documents, can help you turn your focus on your business.

Staffing Services

We are recruiting experts that get exceptional results. We understand the challenges associated with finding the right candidate to fill open positions... Let us help you hire and recruit the right candidates.

Business Consulting

We understand the apprehension, stress, the feeling of being overwhelmed and the excitement that comes with starting your new business.The frustration can paralyze you if you don’t know where to start. No worries we got this!

We offer Business Consulting Services to guide you along the way…..we are your Xtra Pair of Hands!

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