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Our company represents only the most experienced and highly qualified candidates in the industry. We carefully select each employee on our team by interviewing, testing and screening each qualified candidate and then matching them with our clients based on experience, personality and business savvy. All of our impeccably trained candidates offer a higher level of experience, discretion and confidentiality in every residence and business capacity in which they serve. Our goal is to meet the needs of our clients in a timely manner without sacrificing quality.

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Xtra Pair of Hands is a Business that is making a BIG difference in its community! The owners have drawn a line in the sand for her competitors, by raising the bar of great customer service! Xtra Pair of Hands not only delivers excellent service, but they have also discovered something special. Where many services tend to drop the ball on going that “xtra” mile …… this company strives to create a bond, which makes it a pleasure for clients to call for their services over and over again!


The employees I came in contact with were very professional and friendly. In addition, the response time was very impressive. By the time I reached my office that morning, my errand was already completed all for a small fee. I would use this company again and again.


Thank you so much Xtra Pair of Hands! May God bless your business and all that you put your hands to!

Cissy Watson, Athens, GA

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