Tips for Hiring a Personal Assistant

One of the most unique relationships is the one between an employer and their Personal Assistant. 

When hiring an Assistant, the stakes are high, so care must be taken to ensure that each of your new hires is a passionate, engaged, and committed team player.

Because you’re going to be spending a lot of time with this new hire don’t underestimate the importance of simply liking someone.  Look for people who want to come to work everyday; and who are passionate about what they do.

Always remember that this person is privy to all your habits, quirks and personal information.  In addtion, the employee is entrusted with the care of your home, business and personal needs. If the relationship is to be sustained, you must enter it with the understanding that you are hiring a professional person to perform certain tasks; most of them of a personal nature.

You must set and articulate reasonable expectations, or you might not be able to find and retain a capable person. When hiring a Personal Assistant, you must clearly communicate your needs to potential employees, along with your personal philosophy, and the methods and rules in which you prefer to do business.

Have clear priorities.  Don’t expect your Assistant to be able to anticipate your every need!    And most importantly, set boundaries!

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